Qiagen Rneasy Plant

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The RNeasy Plant Mini Kit includes QIAshredder spin columns for homogenizing and filtering viscous plant or fungal lysates, and RNeasy spin columns for purifying up to 100 μg of high-quality RNA using silica-membrane technology. Purification can be fully automated on the  QIAcube Connect . The kit can also be used in combination with a TissueRuptor or TissueLyser system, which provide efficient disruption and homogenization of plant samples.

Total RNA purified with the RNeasy Mini Kit is of high quality and is suitable for many downstream applications. Protocols are also included for cleanup of partially purified RNA, in vitro transcripts, and RNA from enzymatic reactions. Lyticase, zymolase, or glass beads (required for yeast samples) are not provided. Amounts of RNA isolated from samples can vary due to the developmental stage, species, and growth conditions of the sample source. Since the RNeasy procedure enriches for RNA species >200 nt, RNA yield does not include 5S rRNA, tRNAs, or other low-molecular-weight RNAs.

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